The New Showroom and 2020

Hello Tree Court Followers.

It has been a while since our last blog post. I want to apologize for the lapse in time. However, time flies when you’re having fun, right?

It seems like yesterday and yet four years is a long time. We’ve been through a lot – two historic floods, a move to higher ground and a gut and renovation (if you count the flood renovations, then make that three renos). Adventures we did not plan on, but experiences that proved our collective commitment, compassion and grit.

And here we are… celebrating 2020 with a banner January, a brand new showroom and office environment and a fire within us to serve our customers better than ever.

The counter top in customer service is a beautiful symbol of resourcefulness and craftsmanship. The display configurations are well thought out and speak to a great customer experience. The space to dream, collaborate, solve ? meet and greet and serve will be the reason why customers tell others about us. Everything built with employees and customers in heart and mind. We are proud of the home we call Tree Court Builders Supply. We sure do hope you are too.

The four years at Tree Court represent hard work, deep care for the good of our employees and belief in future growth. And throughout the four years, our core values hold true positivity, possibility, empathy, thinking, resourcefulness, productivity and competitiveness. Each value founded on respect and compassion and bound by the thought that work should be fun.

We encouraged our team to take this time to shed anything bringing them down and embrace everything that brings them up. Be better. Be creative. Be confident. Be active. Be involved. Take ownership and yes, take pride in the work, the service and the creation of what you do for others. By others we mean each other and for our customers. Take care of the place and people you spend time in and with and we promise it and we will take care of you.

So happy 2020… and happy Heart month too. We hope you will come visit us in our new office and check out our amazing products in the showroom. We want you to experience the heart of what we – what we love and why we love it. Looking at the year ahead with extreme gratitude and equally great expectations.

With love,

Christina and Tim

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