16 days in. Already we can feel the momentum of a new year. Our office and showroom build continues and the hum of progress fills the air. We can smell the accomplishment much like the smell of freshly cut wood. It smells good and it feels good. There seems to be a skip in everyone’s step as they receive and fulfill orders.

Like many during this time of year, we paused and we reflected. If you have been following us on Instagram, Facebook and our moving page, you already know that we’ve had an amazing three year journey – working title — FLOOD, FLOOD, MOVE. No need to rehash here, but those adventures and experiences lead us to a significant landing place as a business, as a family and a member of our community. To put it simply, our 2019 will be centered on what we do best. Using the “three word” methodology of owning and acting on a new year’s promise – our three words are:


Build. We create and distribute windows, doors, millwork, and we build custom wood projects — all things that help make a home a home. We provide beauty and comfort. We offer security and safety. We instill pride and joy simply through the exceptional home products we sell. By doing exceptional work, we actually build (literally and figuratively) up our customer and in turn, his customer is built up too. And in our physical office and showroom remodel, we are building a space that showcases what we do best –serve our customer. Serve you. In providing attentive customer care, detailed sales follow-up; add in a laugh plus a cup of coffee, we know you’ll come back or you’ll tell someone about us and our business will grow. Built on the promise of stewarding our customer’s money and time in the best way we know — we build here and yes, we do it right.

Connect. This year, we hope to deepen relations by connecting with our customers on another level. We get you Mr. Homebuilder, Mr. Contractor and Ms. Installer. We know you want the best price and you want that price fast. We know you want solid delivery times. We have samples and soon a new and improved showroom with product displays that will generate ideas and inspiration beyond your wildest dreams. We will offer a collaborative meeting space for your use just arm’s length away from the wood, the stain, the hardware and customer service experts who can guide you through the process from start to finish – all of which helps you serve your customer better. We want to connect the dots and better understand your customer’s needs as well as yours when you are building a home for your customer. Connecting means stronger relationships and by focusing on collaborative partnerships and projects, we know we can do better business. We don’t want to be a one and done supplier – we want your trust and your relationship to be something we are both proud of. Let’s connect this year in a way that we can all feel fantastic about what we do for the greater good.

Transfer. What does this mean? We want to transfer the goodness to others – to our customers and our community. When we give, we know the gift of receiving is ten fold. So this year, we will do more for our customers and more for our community. In our new location we offer increased accessibility, expanded distribution and stronger delivery. We offer an environment of creativity in our showroom and a space for collaboration in our new meeting spaces. We transfer these benefits to our customers because it is good business and it makes all of us feel good when we give. We will continue to improve and share in hopes of exceeding expectations of our loyal and long-time customers and establishing ties with new ones. And we will continue to give back to our communities – through personal volunteerism and community involvement. What good things we build – they in turn build us.

Sounds like a great 2019 to us… building each other up increases the connection. Sharing and transferring the good helps better our business, our industry and our communities. And ultimately, betters ourselves.

HAPPY 2019 everyone!

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