The Beauty of Creation

Teaching fundamentals of building a tree house. May 2007

Time flies during a pandemic when you’re…

  1. sheltering in place and practicing social distancing;
  2. working from home;
  3. taking care of little ones, homeschooling and/or managing college-age mood swings
  4. an essential business serving the needs of the community;
  5. all of the above.

I suppose the reverse can be said — that during the past three plus months, time seemed to move very slow. Quarantines, travel bans and lock downs left us with no place to go for a break, escape or vacation resulting in longer work days and an inability to remember what time or day it is (at least for some of us). Job security became an issue for many and the uncertainty brought on an anxiousness that felt very strange. A strange time indeed.

But the world continued to make safety and health a priority. Because making sure ALL are safe is important to ALL of us. While sheltering in place was different, it also had its ups. We discovered as a nation that we had more “togetherness” with immediate family members and many great things emerged — a gratefulness for the little things in life. An opportunity to slow down and be present — to experience the moment in a way that our previous hurried and scheduled lives prevented. A discovery of priorities and what really mattered in life and a community, city, region and national movement that we would get through this together. And that continues. And we fall to our knees in gratitude that big lessons are being learned.

What did we do? We found ourselves creating. At Tree Court, we immediately put in place a screening process, social distancing practices and safety protocols to ensure the safety of customers and employees. We took the time to reimagine the warehouse for better navigation and flow. We invested in new software to bolster order entry, customer fulfillment and delivery. We even added a new garage bay for side unload so that our suppliers and partners would experience an enhanced delivery process. And although we had to cancel our March Showroom Open House, we are constantly improving the showroom experience so that when you visit, you feel safe. When we are ready to host the showroom open house — you will be blown away with the displays, samples, and guest service.

Simultaneously, our family (Tim, Christina and our sons Tim and Charles) took on a backyard renovation project in our own home. All of my boys are invested in doing the work themselves — a project that includes revamping a deck and building a new one, reimagining a new patio and pergola for outdoor lounging / dining. We are all busy working for the same goal — creating a safe and loving place where we can bring all of our loved ones under the same roof again. It’s a lot of work, but worth it. Our family goal never changes and we love it. Like our Creator — He sure knew what He was doing and the benefits of creation. It does a body good.

So if you are reading this blog and wonder what you can do during this time of continued social distancing — create. Of course it doesn’t have to be a backyard reno…it can be changing interior doors, replacing windows, or choosing a new front door. Or you can try a new recipe, pick up a new hobby, or hand-write an old-fashioned letter to a long lost friend. You can even create joy by volunteering or giving to a local charity. Just CREATE. I promise, you won’t regret it.

What good we build, builds us. June 2020