A man of few words, visible action and great wisdom (and let’s add a wonderful sense of dry humor) posted this image on Facebook. My dad, who happens to be over 8,000 miles away overseas couldn’t have chosen a more timely message.

Following through is one of the best ways to build crediblity, earn trust and establish yourself as a leader. The “follow through” is actually what gets things done, earns respect and builds relationships. It is working with integrity, keeping our word and doing what we say we will do.

But how does one get better at follow through?


Successful follow-through requires some up-front thinking, including understanding what the real goal is. When you know what you or your department / company are really seeking, you’ll be more motivated to do what it takes to get there.


When you work with your head up, you are able to see what’s going on in your department or your organization.? Open eyes allow for opportunity, adjustment or flexibility resulting in solutions.


Every action takes away time or effort that could be committed to something else. Make sure you set yourself up for success by creating reasonable goals and priorities. Sometimes you have to put in the extra effort to yield results.


Following through with your CO-WORKERS is the first step to a job well done. This means if you say you are going to do something – do it. Do it in a timely manner, AND at the best of your abilities. It is easy to spot when something is done halfway or quickly. However if someone genuinely tries – spends the extra effort to strengthen their work, everyone sees it like a beacon in the night. This internal effort and accountability builds relationship respect and gratitude for team members. A natural tendency occurs for those team members to want to return the favor and elevate the work place culture.

And the obvious:

Follow through with CUSTOMERS. Your team should consider themselves an extension of the customer’s team. Your team is not a separate entity. Following through with customers helps them trust that they are in good hands (or in the right place) and build the relationship with you. Put the energy into creating or delivering beautiful products and services AND into making customers feels comfortable and cared for. You will be surprised how much stronger, longer and lasting the relationship becomes resulting in increased year over year sales.

Just as the image communicates – in golf, the last phase of the golf swing is the FOLLOW THROUGH. This is the part of the swing that happens after the ball is hit. Similarly, once the leadership group devises a plan, sets the timing, and prepares the organization, the team must then follow-through with their thinking, skills, work ethic and GENUINE CARE for the customer. This type of follow through can drive success and certainly make the difference!


PS At Tree Court, follow through is visible in our order taking, our craftsmanship, our distribution and delivery and our customer service. You see it internally and externally from the minute we pick up the phone to the last on-time delivery. Let us follow through for you with your window, door, millwork and custom wood work needs.

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