Importance of a front door


Maybe reading (or writing) about doors isn’t a very sexy topic but it is an important one. Doors provide shelter and protection for you and your family. Doors not only protect your home’s interior from the weather, they provide access to your home’s interior. Your front door is a focal point and enhances curb appeal which can increase the value of your home. Your front door tells a story about your house and makes a statement about your home and your family. This means you want to think carefully about which of the following you want to include in your home:

  • Let there be light with a new door style that includes glass or sidelights or a transom to or over your door.
  • Wood is excellent choice for custom, high end doors. Wood comes in a variety of species and grains offering many options for your front door.
  • Casing, millwork and other decorative elements including columns and decorative / protective coverings can enhance a door or entry way.
  • Lighting is both functional and decorative for guests arriving at your home at night. Sconces are popular or a hanging light fixture creates the feeling of a room when there is an alcove or protective awning type structure.
  • Decorative landscape including shrubs, flowers and seasonal wreaths are popular and can be chosen to match your door to your personality.

Choosing the neighborhood and home you buy or build is a reflection of your values, your personality and your lifestyle. While the number one factor in choosing your home is location, location, location, your front door is one of the most important elements of your home’s exterior.

And now that the weather is warm and the sun is shining – this is the perfect time to replace your existing front door for the one you have always dreamed of. Replacing your front door is easy and the options are many! Go from a single door to a double door; switch from a solid door to one with glass to let the light in. Upgrade in material, style and color.

The front door draws guests in, is intriguing and inviting. Tree Court Builders Supply carries the most trusted brands in the door industry and offers quality doors at every price point. With so many options, let Tree Court Builders Supply help you from start to finish with your front door needs.


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