MILLWORK How to increase the VALUE of your home

Details matter.

We’ve all heard that one before and despite the cliche’, it is true in almost all facets of life. When it comes to your home… details really can make the difference.

So today, we write about millwork. Millwork is any interior that is mill-produced. The stuff that people don’t always think about, but when they look at homes (new construction and existing), it’s the millwork that gets noticed – trim, base boards, casing, ceiling treatments, and more. Custom mantles are head turners and built-in book cases are always a plusThese are the pieces, the details – that help finish a home or a commercial space. Often times, millwork becomes the centerpiece of a room and other times, millwork adds a finishing touch, both of which enhance an overall living space.

Architectural millwork is perfect to use for interior decorating due to the fact that it is primarily made from wood which makes it very easy to carve, stain, or paint. Woodwork details are used in both residential and commercial interiors because it provides a unique interior architecture. Today, enhanced interior designs are created from well-crafted millwork pieces and can offer a wide ranges of looks that are elegant, sophisticated, contemporary or even rustic depending upon the desired look.

For reference, listed below are some architectural millwork pieces and their definitions:

Balustrades – are railings supported by balusters which are often designed as an ornamental protective wall on balconies, bridges, or terraces.
Baseboards  – narrow board made of wood that runs along the interior wall base.
Beams – a long, strongly built piece of squared timber or metal that spans an opening or a portion of building that supports the roof or the floor above.
Built-in or custom milled cabinetry  – a non-detachable box-shaped piece of furniture that has doors or drawers intended for storage.
Chair Rails – a wall molding around a room built to protect it from damages caused by the backs of chairs.
Coffered Ceilings – is a series of rectangular or square-shaped sunken panels in the ceiling.
Columns – a cylindrical upright pillar used to support a structure such as archs.
Crown Molding – molding in a surface or structure that usually crowns or runs between the top of an internal wall or ceiling.
Doors and Door Casings – allows access to the entrance and exit.
Fireplace Mantels – a hood that is projected over a grate or fireplace opening.
Stairways – this is made up of a number of steps,? made to access one floor to another.

Enhance your living space with details that matter. Tree Court Builders Supply can help you match existing crown or base, create and customize a new profile or build a new piece or system. Simply call 636-225-7717 and ask for a friendly customer service rep today!


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