It is only two days after our beloved St. Louis Blues our determined, gritty, and resilient hockey team sprung from the depths of despair last place in the league to win the Stanley Cup Wednesday night. The reality of this dream come true is leaving St. Louisans in a state of intense pride – a condition of extreme excitement combined with a fog of sleeplessness from non-stop city-wide celebrations and obsessive social media sharing. You could say, we are glorious!? Our city has waited 52 years for the Cup to come home. Historic, significant, profound. And because this team believed (along with everyone in our city), the Stanley Cup has finally arrived in St. Louis. Ah yes… the messages of this story are embedded into our hearts: Don’t stop believing. Keep up the fight. Stay united. Never give up.

Here at Tree Court Builders Supply, we have experienced our own unique tumultuous season. In just three years, we experienced not one, but two historic floods and a massive relocation. Like the Blues, we found ourselves working long and hard hours, having to climb and move mountains as well as reconfigure operations in a new space to maintain the level of quality and service our brand has promised for the past thirty years. While the vision remains clear and faith unwavering, the road hasn’t been easy.

I go back to what the Blues hockey organization has taught us:

  1. Humility and dignity and character can take you far.
  2. A rookie can take us into promised land.
  3. Playing for each other is way better than punching each other.
  4. United we stand, united we fall.
  5. Family first – always.
  6. Coming home will always be a great decision.
  7. How to live.
A true team can achieve the impossible. That the past only holds you back if you let it.

We are especially proud of Patrick Maroon, #7 Blues left winger and son of Phil Maroon, a 25+ year accomplished member of the Tree Court family. The Big Rig sums it up quite nicely,

Living out your dream and being home and being with family and being with a team in that locker room and have those guys fight, sweat and be where we’re at right now, that means more to me.”

Oh yes, we are right there with you Pat. With the renovation of our new showroom and offices, we know all too well, the importance of ?home.? Our customer is OUR Stanley Cup. We can’t wait to lift you up and bring you to our home soon.

Hoist the Cup St. Louis Blues – hoist it sky high. This win is so well deserved and what you did for St. Louis will be remembered forever!



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