REPLACE YOUR HARDWARE (door knobs, pulls, locks and hinges)

Sometimes home improvement can get overwhelming. One project leads to another and suddenly you find yourself with DIY overload. One way to upgrade your decor without having to commit to the big jobs, is to install new door knobs, pulls and locks and hinges on your interior doors. For minimal cost and effort, replacing hardware can make a significant difference in your home. If you plan to stay in your home for a while, installing door levers is a great option for long-term ease of use. Replacing door hardware is also a good idea if your house has basic door hardware. Through replacement hardware, you can personalize your doors to compliment your desired style and home decor.

Let’s talk about STYLE.
Finding hardware that is consistent with the architecture or decor of your home is a plus. Traditional homes tend to include brass and bronze hardware to suit traditional architecture; while crystal knobs can be more specific to Victorian designs. Sleek metallics compliment a contemporary or modern structure and artistic pulls offer eclectic homes an added touch of whimsy. One tip to note: it is good to be consistent with your hinge material and the material of the knobs on your cabinets as a basic guide.

CONSISTENCY throughout your home.
A suite of knobs, levers, locks and cabinet pulls can coordinate your entire house. High-quality hardware is typically purchased through your builders supply company or a design professional. Search the Internet for ideas and photos – creating an inspiration board for your supplier.

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