It’s raining out and my windows are dirty, which means my view is skewed. If you are like me, cleaning windows is a task that sneaks up on you. A job that isn’t hard, but time consuming. This led me to think about my windows and whether they needed a good clean or if I actually needed to replace them (anything to get out of cleaning the windows). My two-story home is thirty plus years old and the weather has taken it’s toll on my windows. After doing some research and asking the experts at Tree Court Builders Supply, I experienced an “AHA” moment of clarity:


  1. If your windows are foggy, drafty, difficult to open or close, or have rotten frames or sills, it’s time to consider replacement windows.
  2. If you hear a lot of outside noise, your windows may not be sealed correctly or were poorly made to begin with. New double- or triple-pane glass windows insulated with argon or krypton gas can decrease outdoor noise, which is helpful if you live on a busy road or an active neighborhood.
  3. If you feel a draft, even when your windows are closed, you may have poor installation. Your windows may have a faulty seal. A drafty window can change the overall temperature of your home, causing the HVAC system to work twice as hard to keep up with the fluctuating temperature.
  4. If your window frames are soft to the touch, chipped or water damaged. Windows found in this condition are already beyond repair. Soft window frames might be a result of rot and water infiltration.
  5. If your windows are difficult to open, close or lock, they may not have been installed correctly which could result in balance issues. Windows that are rusting or rotting can also be difficult to use. If your windows do not close properly, you may not be able to lock them, which can impact the safety of your home.
  6. If your windows have condensation build up between glass layers or cracked window glass, your seals may have failed allowing moisture between the glass panes. Once the seals fail, any insulating gas used to make the window energy efficient is now gone. Cracked window glass allows additional spots for air to leak in and out of your windows.
  7. If your windows have parts that are hard to find or discontinued, you may want to consider replacing your windows.

While these seven questions definitely clarified my understanding of WHEN to replace my windows, I still needed to know WHY.


  1. The best reason – replacement windows save you money NOW and LATER (this is the one we all love.)
  2. New windows help save energy, can provide consistent temperatures in your home and improve your home’s curb appeal.
  3. New windows can also increase your home’s security.
  4. If you decide to sell your home, replacement windows can yield up to 70% + return on your investment.
  5. New windows keep extreme weather outside.

I learned, energy efficient windows can reduce the demand on your heating and cooling systems by up to 25% allowing you to make your home more comfortable at a lower cost. Who doesn’t love lowering costs? Low-e (low thermal emissivity) windows have a very thin coating applied to the glass. This coating reflects solar waves such as long wave infrared energy (or heat) from the sun, keeping your home more comfortable. Combined with double or triple pane glass and argon gas low-e coating can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your windows.

Not only will you see immediate savings in your monthly costs, but you might be able to receive instant savings offered through rebates for new windows from your utility company. You may also be able to claim a deduction on your income taxes for your energy efficient replacement windows.

Purchasing new windows might seem costly at first glance, but after evaluating your monthly energy savings year after year, it can be one of the best home improvements you can make. Hopefully these tips will help you to “see the process clearly” and make your replacement window project much easier!

PS At Tree Court, we can help improve your “view” for every type of window. Give us a call at 636-225-7717 to talk to a friendly customer service or sales rep today.

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